Teams' reports from 2020

Report from the team

I_nterstella_R (Infoset), Iranium (Infoset), Pouya (Infoset)

Report from the team


Report from the team

5 dudes, 6 Ds

This is the first time any member of our team has ever been in the competition though all of us have participated in Physics Olympiads, national and international. Although we only finished 23rd overall but Physics Brawl was a fun experience: the problems were very challenging and the competition as a whole was very well organized. We learned some valuable lessons from the competition: teamwork, communication, planning, working efficiently and so much more. We certainly will return next year and hopefully with better results.
The team photo was taken at 2:22 AM in Vietnam, right after the competition. (The second lad from the left is our team mascot and the inspiration of our team’s name.)
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This year, we participated in Physics Brawl for the first time. It was a very intense and fun competition and a welcome source of exhilaration to solve the intriguing questions presented by the organizers. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was great to be able to work in a team environment again. We definitely bonded as a team and improved our physics abilities. Thank you for organizing this great competition! We look forward to partaking in this competition again in future years!
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Maxwell's demons

We knew about Physics Brawl this year for the first time. So, it was our first participation. It was a great experience. Solving tough physics problems for hours was fun and helped us to open our minds, and it was great to work with a group and collaborate together. Because of the Coronavirus, we were not able to gather together in one place to solve the competition questions, but we bypassed this matter by having an online meeting to discuss the physics problems together. we placed first in our country in our group (group c)! This exciting competition increased our love for physics. It was an honest competition. we wish to thank the competition organizers for providing us this opportunity. And we hope that we can join this competition again.
Report from the team

\nabla taco (PhODS)

Our team Nabla taco (PhODS), contrary to many others teams in the Online Physics Brawl, originated from a Physics Olympiad discord server (PhODS). Because of this, our team was very diverse (members were from the US, Azerbaijan, and India) and our team members had a 12+ hour time zone difference. However, the Physics Brawl was placed at a convenient time such that everyone on the team could compete (which was awesome!). As the three hours went in the competition, we found the Physics Brawl to be a fascinating contest. Since there is a three hour time limit, there was an extensive amount of teamwork involved. There was a lot of communication between members and sometimes 2-3 people had to work together on the hardest problems and we also had to split up roles. We discussed together on a voice call which was very lively with everyone discussing different problems all at the same time. The fast, yet relaxing atmosphere, made the Physics Brawl to be a great experience. This event helped all of us to get to know each other much better than before the competition. For that reason, we really want to thank all the organizers and people who participated to make such a great experience! We definitely will be doing this competition next year and telling other people about it.
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Newton's Pear

This was the first time that our team was participating in this competition. We definitely were looking forward to participating in this competition and to solve physics problems together as a team as well. The competition definitely tested how well we know our physics and improved our knowledge of it as well. We will certainly come back next year, because of how exciting and fun it is. We are looking forward to future editions of this competition as well now.
Report from the team


My name is Iva Pešić, I'm 16. I am currently attending gymnasium and High ballet school, and I've played in a lot of numeros, performances in National Theater in Belgrade and competitions. Also I am member of company ,,Balet mladih/ Youth ballet" at Belgrade Dance Institute. I am a member of a project ,,Beotura" supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, I also write scientific papers for the Institute of Genetics and Genetic Research in Belgrade (Serbia).
I am responsible, I try to always give my best. I am creative, hardworking, persistent.I enjoy working with people. I like to guide, motivate and encourage them in developing their skills. I am also actively involved in humanitarian work (I have led and organized humanitarian concerts) and volunteering (EUG).
As a very young child, I discovered a world that I did not know existed until then. It was the world of physics. Formulas and scientific phenomena have become my play corner. I could hardly wait to get physics as a subject in school. Finally, my wishes came true, numerous awards, praises, recognitions...
I was attracted to this competition by my love of physics, as well as my great desire for progress. The assignments were very interesting, however there were also assignments we had not learned yet. I am very glad that I participated in the realization of the largest online physics competition in the world.
I hope and look forward to further cooperation.
Report from the team

Schrödinger's Army

Hi, we are the members of Schrondingers Army and being one of the youngest competitors in the brawl, it was our first hand experience :)

Let us introduce ourselves first.
Rachit Ahuja, Sidharth Valsan, Shatadrumi Dey, Vishwas Middha and Mudil Goel.

We are all 14 year olds belonging to different parts of India. Divided by region, united by Interest.

We came to know about it through one of our physics teachers who encouraged us to participate in it and here we are!

Belonging to India, where exposure to Analytical and practical physics is provided very less that too at a very basic level at our schools, we all are olympiad aspirants who want to do and learn something new everyday much out of our regular curriculum.
So we thought it’d be really interesting to give a shot at it and test our skills!

Though we couldn’t meet in person because of the pandemic we managed to gave a pretty good discussion online with each other.

To describe the questions as an one-liner, we’d say it was “a perfect amalgamation of creativity, logic, and theoretical knowledge”.

They were really appreciable and we loved the mode of conduct of the competition.

Numerous teams from all parts of not only a country, but all throughout the world, competing for a position is an experience worth having.

In addition to solving problems, we spent a really good 3hrs interacting, exchanging our views and ideas on various questions and helping each others solving bits and pieces to complete the whole puzzle!

“Learn to stand when you get to fall,
Winning isn’t everything, participation is all”

Somehow we as a team, managed to bag the 6th position in our country and 57th position worldwide, it encourages us further to continue participating in the coming years and lets hope we might bring the 1st position for our country!

Overall it was a very out-of-the-box experience...
Report from the team

The Large Noobs Collider

We all know that electrons interact through the electromagnetic field and protons interact with neutrons through the strong nuclear force. But how do the so-called “noob particles” interact? In order to answer that question, we collided five of them together and observed their interaction over the course of three intense hours.
Throughout this experiment, The Physics Brawl competition offered a wide range of “facilities” to help us carry out our experiment. From the Spherical Harmonics Expansion accelerator to the Tesseract Resistor trap, our team was able to perform many intricate experiments to elucidate the properties of the noob particles. There are even malicious traps in which they are burnt and breathed in aliens’ lungs to test their chemical and biological properties. It was entirely unexpected, but the particles resisted all such attempts.
We have found that the noob particles exhibit many interesting properties. With a well-planned and unrelenting demonstration of a mechanism called ‘teamwork’, the noob particles were able to accelerate to energy levels as high as “Problem 51”. The many experimental facilities that the Physics Brawl provided helped us find that the noob particles also have a property called “algebraic manipulation ability”. Over the 3-hour-timespan, we have found the value of such property increases tremendously.
Our team truly appreciates how the Physics Brawl Organizers provided us with the means of obtaining such valuable data. We hope that we can continue our collaboration in the future to extend further our knowledge of the noob particles and physics in general.
Report from the team


I am glad to have been able to join physics brawl. In fact, the time when this contes was held was 1:00a.m~4:00a.m. in Japan. So I was really sleepy at that time. However, end of the contest, I was so excited that I didn’t feel sleepiness. Thank you for holding this event.
Report from the team


We're not the only team to participate from different regions in the same country, but if you know what the internet is like in Syria, you'll understand our struggle. Our team leader told us about the competition and we really wanted to participate despite the weak internet connection and the distances between us. We’re from three distant cities, about 360, 186, 255 kilometers away from each other respectively. Due to some technical issues and unfortunate accidents, everyone, except our leader and I (whom I live with in the same city and was able to meet with for the competition), had to participate from home and communicate through a Google Meet call. To make matters worse, it started raining which weakened the 4G network that we even couldn’t hear each other for almost half the time. Despite all my complaints, we absolutely loved the competition. The problems were creative and innovative, we were really challenged by them but yet we had so much fun! Looking forward to participating next year and we hope to get a better result!
Report from the team

Physics Helix (Infoset)

Report from the team

Family Joules

We participated this year for the first time in the Online Physics Brawl competition, and we can really say that it was much better than we expected, although we didn't achieve a position of pride or high marks, it is still one of the most enjoyable experiences we have had this year in light of this Conditions the country is going through.
During the confrontation, we encountered many problems during our participation, such as differences between the team or our lack of knowledge of how to develop a good strategy, but we're now fully aware of our mistakes and how to fix them and we really hope that we can participate again in this competition, that the competition not only gives us knowledge but also gives us pleasure, teamwork, speed, strategy, and sportsmanship. Really, we are proud of all the teams that have achieved first positions and we are proud of them and we wish them all the best and also grateful to the FYKOS team, we support them with all our energy to continue.
With our regards,
Family Jules Team