Brief Rules to Quickly Understand the Competition

Full Rules Organizational Regulations

These rules are only brief reminders. You can find the full version in the links above.

What is this
Physics Brawl Online is a 3-hour long team competition taking place over the internet.
Who can compete
Teams of up to five members (primarily high school students) from all over the world can take part.
There are three categories for high school students and the Open category, in which anybody can take part. Instructions on how to identify your team's category can be found in the full version of rules.
How do problems look like
The solution to every problem is a number that is sent to our servers using a web form. Format (number of significant digits, units) is always specified.
What is allowed
You can use printed literature, any computer program (such as Wolfram, Geogebra,...) and the internet. However, any communication between the members of different teams is strictly prohibited. The use of generative artificial intelligence tools is strictly prohibited too. This includes but is not limited to, tools such as ChatGPT capable of generating complex, coherent, and contextually relevant answers to questions posed by the user.
How it works
Teams are awarded points for successfully solved problems. During the competition, the score of each team is visible to every other team until 20 minutes before the end. At that point, the scores are hidden and not shown to the participants again until the competition finishes.