Teams' reports from 2017

Report from the team


We didn't know what Physics Olympiad is when we were in primary school. Our first encounter with Olympiads were Online Physics Brawl - we were surprised when we learnt that there was a competition like this. Ever since, we were looking forward to participate in this brilliant competition due to the lack of 'scientific improvement' opportunities in Turkey. Therefore, we will work the exam problems as hard as we can because we see this examination as a means to express our gratitude to the organizers of this benefical online project. And, we hope that this activity will thrive through the course of years and give hope and passion for scientific advancements in international high school communities.
Report from the team

CU Physicist

We have participated for the first time. It should be noted that we are the second university from Bangladesh. Truth be told we enjoyed no matter what we have gain or lost. We are concern about Physics Brawl. We will participate upcoming and of course we will inform our friends.
Report from the team


We are just some high school students from India, and we never knew such a thrilling competition existed.
This was the first time that we appeared for the Online Physics Brawl. It was an amazing experience as the problems were very new and challenging which is often not the case with traditional exams. We hope to participate in the years to follow as well.