Teams' reports from 2015

Report from the team


I am now attaching a photo of our team (Quantum, from Brazil). The small plank I'm holding is our team mascot, called Planck.
Our team is participating in the Online Physics Brawl for the second time (last year, we were named Quantum Brazil) in a row. We don't necessarily participate expecting to win, since the competition for this olympiad is big, but we love the format of it. The questions are quite challenging (IPhO training-level, in my opinion), and along with the time constraint and the quick assistance done in real time by you guys (along with thorough, immediate results at the end) just build up on an amazing olympic experience.
I take care of a website that's specialized in talking about scientific olympiads in Brazil, called Olimpíadas Científicas (, and I was able to see a lot of different online olympiads come and go. You guys are, by far, the best online olympiad I've ever seen.
I hope my friends and I participate in the Online Physics Brawl next year as well.
Thanks for the experience.
Report from the team

San Ignacio

We are from Colombia and really enjoyed the contest!
Thank you for the opportunity!