Contestants' references


We participated for the first time in the Physics Brawl this year and definitely was a very different experience which provided us many learnings due to the distinctive aspects of the competition that are not common in Brazil: a theoretical team tournament with such detailed rules that demands speed, strategy and teamwork. Where we live, there is only a national theoretical olympiad available, so certainly it was a great way to motivate us to keep studying and preparing for other exams, by doing such interesting and varied problems from this year’s contest and latest ones. Even though it is the first time we heard about something like this, we are certainly looking forward to participating in the upcoming editions and share to friends how engaging the Online Physics Brawl is. We appreciate a lot everyone managing this event for giving students opportunities and stimulating a worldwide love for science.


I have participated on the Online Physics Brawl since I was a freshman. Every time, I enjoyed it even more. As I advanced through high school, I acquired more and more knowledge of physics, beginning my lifelong fascination with the subject. It exhilarates me to work on challenging physics problems for hours! In addition, I was delighted to have worked in a group, since I collaborated with others who shared my passion for physics. Every year I participated, my team achieved higher and higher rankings, and this year, we placed second in our division, and first in our country! This year's results were truly a reward for four years of dedication. Competing in the Online Physics Brawl was a worthwhile experience, and I wish to thank the competition organizers for providing me this opportunity.


We're high school 12th years from the Northeast USA (New Jersey). Our team name, DANIELQ CHENG, is named after our friend and a legend of physics at our school, and we joined FYKOS this year in the hopes of emulating his physics prowess. We're proud of what we were able to accomplish, and all of our team members noted that it was a very enlightening experience and we'd never enjoyed doing physics problems as much as we did in FYKOS. This competition helped us realize that so much of the time we learn science concepts such as physics in the classroom just to take tests, but applying them and reasoning our way through problems in the Physics Brawl was an experience we would never forget. The competition sparked a new love for physics in all our team members, and we hope we can compete again in the future!