Can I after registering my team change the information about team members?
Yes but only until the end of registration.

Can I change the composition of my team after I create it?
Yes but only until registration ends.

Can I change the name of the team after creating it?
Yes but only until the end of registration.

Can I take part if I am not at highschool?
Yes. The category open is for you. More in the rules.

Can I take part even though I haven't started attending highschool or grammar school?
Yes. But you must expect that you will be in the same category as the most junior highschool students. You shall find more in the rules.

Can a foreigner take part?
Yes. Unless he will be part of a Czech or Slovak team then he must compete in a different category. Of course a huge boon for them would be if they knew English or Czech.

The Competition itself

We will we able to communicate with the organisers? If so how and in what languages?
Yes, during the competition we shall give out important information through our noticeboard that will be found on our webpages. Send your questions about the tasks and other things to online@fyziklani.cz. You can cheer each other on using our forum. You can comunicate in Czech (or Slovak) and English (but only for the foreign highschoolers and the Open category.).

Can I use the internet to find information during the competition?
Yes but you can't communicate with non-members of your team.

What are the phases of the competition?
The competition has two main phases and one supplementary one (Hurry-up). The first phase is begun with the start of the competition and in its duration the Hurry-up phase will begin. This will run parallel to the main phase until the end. The second phase links to the first and the only difference is that you can skip problems in it. For the Hurry-up phase see the rules and the next questions.


In what language will the problems be?
Czech and English.

When and how will we get new problems to solve during the competition?
You will get the seven intial problems when the competition will start. You can expect new problems with the Hurry-up series. During the competition you must solve the problems you have to get new ones or, in the second phase, by skipping problems. The exchange is always one for one. You shall find more information in the rules.

What is the dependence of difficulty on the number of the problem?
The average difficulty rises with later problems but there might be some easier problems even later on. Remember also that difficulty is highly individual.

Will we get author's solution?
Yes, after the end of the competition the solutions will appear on our website. Some time after the end the organisers will still be on the website and will be reacting to your reccomendations, experiences or problems relating the competition or the tasks.

Submitting solutions

How many significant figures should one give in the solution?
The task should make it clear. If it isn't clear then contact the organisers. In general it is true that more significant figures are not a problem.

The task doesn't tell us which units to submit the result in. What should we do?
If it is so then just submit it in SI units.

We want to submit the answer to the problem but we can't. What is going on?
The reason must be that you submitted a wrong solution to a task less than a minute ago. If it isn't so then please contact the organisers.

If I submit the wrong answer can I correct it ?
Yes, you can answer any question as many times as you want to. Remember though that by submitting wrong answers you shall lower the potential point gain from the question and also you can't answer the problems from the same category more wrongly more than once a minute. (the problems from the main category and the three hurry-up categories) For more information see the rules of the competition.

If we want to submit the solution as a decimal should we use a decimal point or comma?
The symbol is irrelavant but don't use anything to denote thousands (ie, 1000000 instead of 1,000,000) .

What are the accepted formats of numbers?
We accept the formats described on http://php.net/manual/en/language.types.float.php and we enable the usage of both the comma and the decimal point.

Skipping problems

When can I skip a problem?
You can skip problems in the second part of the competition (from 18:30 CET).

Will I lose points for skipping problems?
Yes, you shall lose one point per skipped problem from your total score.

How many problems can I skip?
You can skip as many problems as you want to but you have to have a sufficient amount of points. You can't skip another problem if it would bring you below -7 points. If this happens to you then know that you can start skipping problems again once you have more than -7 points.

Can I come back to a skipped problem?


How to get bonus points?
You get bonus points for solving a whole collection of Hurry-up problems. More about this in the rules.

For a problem that was supposed to be worth X points we got Y points. What happened?
This is caused by the fact that wrong solutions decrease the point gain from that problem. To get more information about this look at the rules.

We solved the problem but this hasn't appeared on the scoreboard yet. How come?
The scoreboard refreshes every two minutes so wait a bit more. Also remember that twenty minutes before the end the scoreboard stops refreshing completely to add extra tension.


What is Hurry-up?
It is a period in the competition between 18:00 and 18:30 CET, when you can solve new and relatively easy problems. It is a series of problems that runs paralel to the normal competition. The Hurry-up series has some specific rules though. You shall find more on this in the rule section.

Can I sumbit solutions of the normal problems during this part of the competition?

How will I find out that the Hurry-up series has begun?
Using a clock. It will also be announced on the noticeboard. You should also have new problems to solve — but for that refreshing the page would be neccessary.

Is the awarding of points during the Hurry-up series governed by the same rules as normal part of the competition?
No. For any wrong answer to a given task in the Hurry-up series you will lower the potential point gain from that by one point unless you reached zero. You can't get negative points from tasks.

When can I solve the problems from the Hurry-up part of the competition?
From 18:00 till 18:30 CET, then we won't be accepting the solution to the Hurry-up problems.


Will I get a diploma for attending?
If you want it then send an email to online@fyziklani.cz.

Will my result in this competition help me with getting accepted to a university?
Probably not but you can try to use it.

To what address should I send my questions about the competition before the beginning?
Where can I find all the important information about the competition?
On our webpage physicsbrawl.org, and especially in the section dedicated to the rules physicsbrawl.org/en/default/rules.